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(5 Essential Secrets) How To Be Truly Happy

Do you ever feel caught up in all the mundane things of life while happiness seems to elude you? 
Do you feel like life is just passing you by? 
Do you sometimes feel that you are doing so much but that you are not truly happy?

Life is too short to postpone happiness until the conditions are right. 
So if we are waiting for something is our world to be just right before we become happy, then we are keeping ourselves in an endless cycle of waiting!

Everywhere around, people are trying desperately to find their happiness in relationships, in expensive cars, mansions, overseas holidays, money, the perfect place or the perfect job – and yet after they have experienced some or all of the above, they are still not happy.

Happiness is the special sauce that makes everything else in life worthwhile. 
And if happiness is missing, then even a life full of wealth and health is not meaningful.
“If a person is happy, life is worthwhile” – Vikas

So how can one become truly happy?
What are the essentials to happiness?
Let me guide you to the 5 essential secrets that will create real happiness for you.


All of us have so much to be grateful for; it’s just that most times, we don’t realize it.
Gratitude helps to cultivate a positive mindset, which will help you to accept yourself for who you really are. 
Remember, as your day begins, you don’t know what the day will bring to you, but you can decide what you will bring to this day! 

So choose to bring a grateful and happy ‘you’ to your day and see the benefits happen.

Start your day with a positive attitude and a positive mind-set. 
Spend 3 minutes before you get active in the morning reminding yourself what is great in your life.
Start your day on a positive note, because a spiritual law is that whatever is inside you is what comes out of you. 
So if you create happiness inside by being grateful, you will ooze happiness all day, which in turn will make your day a happy one!


As your day begins to unfold, many types of things, results and people will be encountered.
No matter what comes your way, choosing to be positive will help you to stay strong within the challenge and handle it in a peaceful and powerful manner. 
Even when things are difficult, try being positive and strive to make the best of whatever situation you’re in. 
It will help make even the most challenging situations easier to bear.
So as you live your life during the day, look for the positive not for the negative.

Often, during the day, repeat positive affirmations about what you want. 
Do so with faith, feelings, intention and focus. 
Your mind is the filter for this world around you, so look for the good in every situation, and you are sure to see it.
“Don’t gain all the wealth and lose your soul” – Vikas


It’s a fact that we all have imperfections. 
When we stop worrying about our imperfections and what others think about us, and just start being what we are, then we can truly offer the world the best we have. 
For as long as we are living a life of pretense, we are sure to be tense, and real happiness will elude us.
Moreover, you can’t expect people to be perfect all the time. 
Perfection comes when you’re okay with imperfection.

Our ideas about the way the world works are based, in part, upon our expectations. 
Those expectations color our experience, good or bad and influence our reactions and responses to just about everything and everyone that we encounter.
Expectations help us form a world view, but they can also skew that world view in unexpected and sometimes unwanted ways. 
The more the expectations, the more the disappointment.
Being a perfectionist will not make you happy, I promise. 
So ease up a little bit, check the expectations you carry and lower them if necessary, and see how much more you can enjoy life.
You will be happily surprised.


Keep your mind light. 
Carry the good experiences with you, and the lessons from the bad experiences. 
Both will help you and make you a better person. 
But carrying negative memories will only take your happiness away.
The best short-cut to happiness is meditation, which teaches you to train your mind to be calm and happy. 
Never put the key of your happiness in anyone else’s hands.
“Life is not a race, don’t make it so” – Vikas


So many people keep themselves constantly busy, but spend their whole life waiting to start living. 
And in the meantime, this beautiful gift from life called ‘today ‘is passing by forever!
Give your attention to the value of today. This day is your life, and you are alive only today! 
So value it, cherish it and live it fully while it is here. Because it’s soon going to be gone forever.
Take action in your life on the problems you face, if any. 
Any action is better than burying your head in the sand, hiding from the world, and more importantly yourself. 

But at the same time, don’t let your pains and problems define your experience; you also have a lot of blessings in your life, so let that be the flavor of the day!
“Create happiness, don’t wait for it!” – Vikas

Quit waiting for life to work out. 
Make a change and take control. 
You control your own happiness; don’t waste any more time waiting for it to come find you.
So embrace and HUG your life today. Bring some happiness, understanding and gratitude to your life today!
“H – Happiness; U – Understanding; G – Gratitude” – Vikas

There is always a lot in life to be happy and grateful for. 
Start living in the only moment that matters, right now. 
The more you are focused on the past or the future, the more you are missing out on happiness right now.
Pay attention to this day and make yourself truly happy, no matter what!
A fun life awaits you – maximise your potential

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